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When do we consider there is workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfavourably in the workplace based on certain personal characteristics protected by law, such as gender, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc. . This can manifest in various forms, including denial of employment opportunities, promotions, fair wages, or creating a hostile work environment.

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I understand the challenges associated with workplace discrimination and its various impacts, such as negative effects on employees’ mental health, creating a toxic work environment, and potential reputational harm to companies. In response, I specialise in preventing these situations and developing proactive policies to ensure compliance with Spanish laws prohibiting workplace discrimination.

Ensuring a Healthy and Discrimination-Free Work Environment is important. As a labor discrimination specialist lawyer in Girona, I am dedicated to providing tailored advice and representation to individuals who have faced discriminatory treatment, as well as offering preventive services to companies.

If you have experienced workplace discrimination or if your company needs assistance in developing policies to prevent such issues, rely on my expertise and that of my collaborators. Contact us now for an initial assessment of your case.