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Facing workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment can manifest through offensive, intimidating, or discriminatory behaviours in the workplace, such as offensive comments, humiliations, or exclusions. These behaviours can severely impact the mental health and well-being of employees.

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Effective legal guidance is crucial in cases of workplace harassment, whether pursuing a claim or defending against one. The stakes are high, involving the psychological, emotional, and physical integrity of employees, their dignity, and the legitimate expectations of a safe and respectful work environment that supports the normal functioning of an organisation or company.

Do you need the support of a workplace harassment specialist?

I will analyse your situation together and provide you with the best support. I will accompany you throughout the process, from collecting evidence to taking measures such as filing a lawsuit. We will explore various options to resolve the situation, aiming for the best possible solution. If negotiations are necessary, we will advocate for your best interests. Additionally, implementing effective preventive measures promotes a safe work environment, enhances corporate responsibility, and can prevent potential cases, ensuring a healthy workplace. We assist companies and organisations in implementing measures to facilitate compliance, such as developing appropriate protocols.