The cost of not negotiating

Motivation to win

Many times we pride ourselves on having found healthy relationships in which we are treated as equals. Where requests have become concessions on both sides and we have grown without stepping on each other. Other times, we are afraid of conflict for asking for what is ours. We find our requests rejected en masse and the disappointment of the treatment received hurts us more than the fact of not having gotten what we wanted. We must not give up, because we can achieve it, whether half or everything we had proposed. It is hard that once we have dared to ask, with the wear and tear that entails, then others do not comply. That’s why we’re afraid to ask for what’s ours. Concern and fear emerge. After years, sometimes we reconsider and it hurts us to have stopped, resigned or given dedication or time to companies, clients or people who did not deserve it. Resentment appears but it is not worth staying in it. It will be better to place energy and trust in new projects and people by whom we are well treated and find our way where they truly value us and we feel good. There are days when you don’t act when faced with hurtful comments or attitudes. At these moments, consider whether it is worth it for you to be diminished or simply reflect that there are people who are far from your values ​​and it will be difficult to reach an intermediate point. You look at the horizon and think you should have changed course. That your professional career has been frozen, by family, by colleagues, by your superiors or partners… or by carrying out assigned jobs that have not allowed you to project yourself or enriched your soul. After time, your spirit does not give up and you know that the world has a corner for you, where you do not need to be given permission to shine, because no one can turn you off; because the sky is more beautiful when there are more stars that shine.